Your Pet is in Good Hands

Since its earliest days, a special feeling about people has helped Companion Pet Clinic grow and earn the loyalty of client and employees. It has been able to provide needed veterinary care to animals that would otherwise have to go without. We have truly lived up to and will continue to work toward our beliefs and concept that “No Act Of Kindness, No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted”.


Companion Pet Clinic was founded in April of 1982 in Portland, Oregon. The veterinarians that founded the company wanted to help control the burgeoning pet population and provide quality veterinary care at affordable prices. The success of Companion Pet Clinic is owed partly to the need that is present and primarily owed to the employee's commitment, devotion, and concern for the pets and clients that they serve.  This is the first Companion Pet Clinic in Seattle, and we are very excited to bring our compassionate affordable care to the area.