Our Fees and Payment Options



We will always provide you with an estimated cost prior to starting any treatment. Sometimes, additional costs may arise from unexpected complications. In this event, we will alert you as soon as possible. 


Payment options

Payment is required directly after treatment. We accept most forms of payment, including cash, debit and all major credit cards.  We also accept Care Credit for procedures.


Feline Price List                                       Canine Price List     

Physical Exam            $37.50                Physical Exam        $37.50

FVRCP Booster           $13.45                DHPP Booster         $16.85

FELV Booster              $18.45                Lepto Booster         $16.75

Rabies*                       $12.55                 Bordetella Booster  $15.95

                                                             Canine Flu (Bivalent)   $35.00

                                                             (Also called CIV, H3N8/H3N2)


Washington State Law now requires a rabies vaccine for all cats and dogs over 6 months of age.



We also offer low cost spays and neuters!  Appointments are available Monday through Friday!


Starting Prices:

Canine                    Spay                       Neuter

<24 lbs.                      $85.95                         $79.95

24.1-39.9 lbs.              $117.95                         $89.95

40.0-59.9 lbs.              $127.95                       $112.95

60.0-79.9 lbs.              $137.95                       $125.95

80.0-99.9 lbs.              $173.95                       $138.95

>100.0 lbs.                  $202.95                      $155.95


Feline                     Spay                        Neuter

                                   $74.95                       $63.95


The above prices are for the surgical procedure alone. Additional cost is associated with blood work, fluid support, medications, etc...  PETS OVER 8 YEARS OLD REQUIRE BLOODWORK AND IV FLUIDS.


We also spay and neuter rabbits, please call for more information.